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A. Caregivers are employees of the company and must complete a Level II background screening through AHCA (Association for Healthcare Administration) before we will ever accept their application.

A. Our caregivers are employees of the company. They are covered by our workers compensation and liability insurance. They are also bonded.

A. The more notice the better, especially because we need to be sure all the proper authorization in obtained from the doctors and insurance companies. However, we can start care within a days notice. We have even started the same day.

A. The home health aide is there to help you with your activities of daily living. These include bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting and ambulation. They can do some light housekeeping. They may also provide transporation if allowed by the payor source.

A. A live in will be with you for 24 hours a day. They must be allowed 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and be provided with an area to sleep. An hourly HHA will stay for as many hours as requested during the day or night. They stay awake for their entire shift. There is a 4 hour minimum for Home Health Aide hourly services.