About Us

Maxicare Select, Inc. is a CHAP accredited, privately owned and operated home health care agency. We are proud to be serving the South Florida area with quality home health care services. We are not your typical home care agency. We work with a unique type of patient. We do not provide Medicare or Medicaid services. We provide care for people who have long term care insurance, are injured on the job, have group health through their employer or just need help and want to private pay.

Our story is an interesting one. In 2003, Maxicare Select, Inc. was part of a large publicly held corporation that had several lines of business. The board of directors decided to divest from their home care business and focus on what they did best. No one was interested in buying their home care agencies. They went to the administrator at the time and told her to give away the home health business. She let them know that giving away the Medicare business would be easy but that she and I, who already worked there, would be interested in owning the private side.

After some serious considerations we went back to the Board and told them we would be willing to take over the private division and help to close the Medicare side. They gave us the existing business and employees. We purchased some items such as desks, computers, fax machnes, etc. The transition was smooth for everyone involved.

As of February 8, 2004, the business had been operating under the managment of us both. On September 5, 2008, my partner was ready to retire and I bought her out. So now I am the primary owner.

We continue to have great administrative and field staff that has helped us since day one to grow and meet the needs of all of our referral sources, families and patients. Over the years we have continued to grow and proudly maintain our CHAP accreditation and continuously work on adding new locations. We know this growth is from the quality service we provide. This is a people business and we put all our people first! We conduct business with large corporate standards and a mom and pop enthusiasm. We can never be perfect, but we will always give it 100%,

I look forward to you using our nursing services, home health aide services, and therapies. One phone call to our office is all it takes to begin services for your clients, yourself and/or your family members. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for taking your time to consider us,

Lisa Cooper, President